About Us


WHO we are...

Jacqueline MB Designs  Featuring Fine Art - Apparel - Home Goods & Jewelry Designs with a Cause, inspired by our love of the Ocean, Nature and Road Trips!


How we started

Jacqueline Bergeron  Mother of 5, Entrepreneur, Designer & Photographer -

2000's Opened "ONE"  a small town "Country Store" with a mission of ONE gift, ONE person, ONE place can make a difference.  Providing products that are Hand-Made, Eco Friendly and Fair Trade.  Traveling to Nicaragua every month where I created artisan co-ops throughout the country, designing products that were sold within ONE. Through these co-ops we where empowering men & women along with provided a steady income. 

2018 Nicaraguan Protests began and continues to this day between the people of Nicaragua & the Government.  Thankfully the artisan's I am working with have been safe during the fighting within the streets.  With a sad heart I decided It was not safe to continue to travel to Nicaragua, but still want to help!


Jacqueline MB Designs - was created!

"Through photography I am able to express myself as I capture a moment in time" 


Creating Designs & Products 

Designs inspired by love of Nature, Ocean, Animals & Road Trips. Capturing a mood, a feeling & what's within my heart with each photo, design & piece of jewelry.  Providing you with a design that has its own story & meaning that may touch your emotions at that given moment. 

High Quality Product 

We take pride in our products & artisans that we work with, making sure they meet our high standards of work ethics & product quality. We work hand in hand with our artisans in Nicaragua.

Fair Reasonable Price 

We understand that we may not be the cheapest, we believe in the quality of our products.  We also pay our artisans above fair trade prices.  If it is a product that we wouldn't want then why would we think you would like it



Socially Conscious Business  

Be the Change you wish to see in the World…  Gandhi

Jewelry - Providing opportunities for artisans living in developing countries to rise above poverty through the art of fashion and design. Jacqueline MB Designs jewelry tells a story of Hope, Strength, and Inspiration. It takes you on a journey of the lives of our artisans living in a developing country who have dreams of a future. Watching them grow with inspiration and strength as they foster and develop their talents while given the opportunity to earn a steady income to support their families.

Fine Art, Apparel & Home Goods -  Are made-to-order at the time of your purchase, making your product environmentally friendly by using less CO2, not wasting water and dead stock, using environmentally friendly printing techniques, textiles suppliers that are committed to a green approach, respectful of the environment, and human labor, packaging made of post-consumer recycled plastics for all apparel and donating damaged & returned product to local charities.


Seascape Collection


Cars & Racetrack Collection


Giving Back - "be the change" Gandhi

We feel very strong about helping others to make a difference  We donate a portion of sales to local charities along with providing our artisans with all their supplies, new tools & additional income

 By choosing to buy from Jacqueline MB Designs you are making a difference with every purchase. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions - info@JacquelineMBdesigns.com