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Let me introduce myself my name is Jacqueline Bergeron, Mother of 5, Entrepreneur, Designer & Photographer.  I grew up on Cape Cod then lived in a small waterside town on the South Shore where I raised 5 children.  When my children where young I owned a gift & coffee shop in our hometown.

ONE gift & coffee shop -  feeling of an old fashioned country store where everybody knew everybody.  The mission of the store was ONE gift, ONE person, ONE place can make a difference, all products where fair trade, and handmade. There was a 20 foot wall filled with old fashioned penny candy where you would grab a basket and head for the candy then head up stairs to the coffee shop sit in the leather couch by the fire and meet up with all your friends!  Needles to say on any afternoon you would find my children and their friends hanging out by the fire with a basket of candy and a smoothie.

With a mission of giving back, I found myself traveling to Nicaragua once a month where I established artisan coops throughout the country, designing, teaching and importing my designs to sell within my store then donating back to Nonprofits working in Nicaragua. 

Living in New England my whole life with short summers & cold winters, traveling to Nicaragua I became to love the warm weather.  Now retired I find myself living in Florida where we live in a small town on the ocean, spending our days walking the beach and enjoying the beauty of the beauty of Florida. 

Since being retired I find myself longing to work & give back. 

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