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INSPIRE Bracelet

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Wear the bracelet that speaks to you with our INSPIRE Bracelets.

Great for stacking with other macrame bracelets or by it's self.  




Size & Materials

Macrame is made from waxed 100% cotton string

7" Wide - Adjustable to 12" Wide

HANDMADE Plaque 1.5" (4cc) long and .6" (1cc) wide made from Alpaca (mixture of silver, copper & pewter) or Recycled Copper

2 Aluminum round charms at the end of each bracelet


Care & More information

All our string bracelets are 100% waterproof and wearing them all the time enhances the uniqueness of the bracelets..  

Alpaca & Copper will patina over time Clean with jewelry cloth

For a Deeper Cleaning Use vinegar & tsp salt. Pour vinegar into a small containter submerge your bracelet, let soak for 10-15 min, rinse warm water and dry with a soft cloth

All our bracelets are hand-made making each one unique in its own way.

* Our Inspire Bracelets are all HAND STAMPED making each piece unique in its own way. Hand stamped is not the same as traditional engraving, we stamp each letter, symbol at a time with a hammer & steel stamp, making it a deeper impression than engraving.


Jacqueline MB Designs

We feel very strong about helping others to make a difference  We donate a portion of sales to local charities along with providing our artisans with all their supplies, new tools & additional income

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