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Coral Hugged by Foamy Bubbles - Premium Wood Print

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Coral resting in the sand as a wave crashes upon it hugging it with its bubbles in Southern Florida by Jacqueline Bergeron

Every wood print is unique, due to the grain & pattern of the wood is never the same. Our image is perfectly matched with the wood to emphasize the Natural Beauty of the Wood with our Art.

  • Printed with UV cured inks Providing high quality printed image which will not fade overtime. 
  • White & lighter areas will NOT get printed on the wood, revealing the beauty of the woods texture & natural beauty!
  • Printed on ⅜" thick strong & durable Russian Birch wood which is ready to hang. 
  • Typical lead time 6 working days 
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  • FREE SHIPPING in US & Canada 

Jacqueline MB Designs

We feel very strong about helping others to make a difference  We donate a portion of sales to local charities along with providing our artisans with all their supplies, new tools & additional income

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